Hugo Blog Engine (How to)

my blog is gone again and this is my new blog using hugo blog engine. hugo is static blog generator using mardown syntax as formating. hugo is similar with jekyll but write in golang

i move from medium to wordpress in gke and now i move to gitlab pages.

Why Static

there is actually story why i using gitlab pages now.

  1. there is incident with my google accounts.
  2. this is free of storage since we just pay for the domain.
  3. this is no different any way. my blog still bad.

why hugo

why i choose hugo over jekyll or other tools is because i code in golang. and hugo is easy to use not much setup and its faster than jekyll (they claim to be)

How to setup hugo in our local machine

  1. install hugo first in ubuntu

    sudo apt-get install hugo

    another install please follow this link

  2. create hugo project

    hugo new site mysite

    there is should be a new folder of your site

  3. adding some content

    hugo new posts/

    thats will create new content in post folder

  4. start hugo server with

    hugo server -D
  5. open your hugo site in

  6. all that step could see in this link

i will explain more about how we deploy our site using gitlab pages with gitlab CI/CD as integration and delivery pipeline