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Why I move from Medium to WordPress

This is not Advertising this is just random thought about my purpose of writing.

I Love WordPress in first impression

In my early tech career i already love blogging, not intense but i like it. not for ads or money but i believe that from sharing we could learn more and at least we research before writing and some of my writings in my early days took so long because i try the things that i write before i actually write it. when searching for blog engines in that time the two big engine is just WordPress and Blogger. but when trying the administrator dashboard WordPress is so much more. so thats why i love WordPress.

Journey Blogging

because of my career i try many blog engine.

  • trying Blogger for trash talks in my early blog in 2005 after Blogger bought by Google in 2003.
  • Start blogging with start with college material.
  • Start buying domain and Shared host and hosting OSS WordPress.
  • Write tech stack with Jekyll (start loving write with Markdown) still here
  • Not good enough, want to learn more, and move to Hugo (golang based) and repo on private bitbucket and store in Digitalocean.
  • Bored of using markdown and move to medium, starting to search for fame.
  • realize that fame is too much expectation to me, so i move back to WordPress (with kubernetes in GCP).

Medium Start Monetising

Medium is great app, we could see recommendation , clapping, comment, great text editor. but recently when i move from WordPress to medium i got a message about metered paywall.

Medium start to search for profit and thats not wrong but i’m afraid my purpose in blogging is disrupted by that kind of monetising. yes i want my blog read by internet reader. but i don’t intended to get money and beside will new rule your post in medium will show just for your follower.

So for me there is no different for Blogging anywhere share what you could share. and i choose wordpress

Conclusion WordPress Connect To Medium if possible

So if possible to post in WordPress and show up in two media it would be great. there is already plugin for that. and will try it later.

find your purpose

for me purpose for blogging is sharing so as long as its sharing i don’t care about the platform. learning is my key so sometimes i move platform because i want to learn something new.

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  1. Maaf saya berkomentar dengan bahasa Indonesia, memang benar saya pun ada niat untuk pindah ke wp, tapi balik ke kebutuhan lagi selama masih puas di blogger sepertinya saya sendiri perlu waktu lama pindah ke wp, nice share