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Unique way of learning english, and why you should try it.

This is my first story in medium and this idea is just walk through my head, “Unique way of learning english ? and why you should try it?”. it will talk a lot about me. so bare with me.

why this is so special?

yeah this is part of my way try to blend in global communication system (i don’t even know that terms exists) and this is my first time writing internet content in english.

for me this article is my dream my first step to proof myself that learning is never stop and it will pay off. and yes because this is my first time you will see many bad grammar in this story, sorry for that first.

why i write in english?, of course the first step is to learning. this is like you want to eat something but you never cook it or buy it just stare at it never make you eat it. write it will give you more knowledge of the language.

In my community there is a time when watching a movie without subtitle and understand the film is super human. sharing is one of my reason to write in english. write in local language the reader is just your country right?, so i want to share to the world that there is some one in the world that struggling to learn english. thats me.

The way of learning english

i live in Indonesia in 90’s, birth of millenials and the rise of technology. i was so bad in english and i hate it, until i feel like i will be the stupidest student in english. I still remember my english teacher when i was in middle school, she was pointing hand to me and say “the boy in the corner stand up please”, she wanted me and my friend to stand up that was so scary, like the world fall a part, just standup until the class end, thats it.

I’m not scared with the teacher but i’m afraid when the teacher ask me something and i don’t even understand what the question, feel me?. I was scared with the language. Live goes on and there is a time when i realize that english is so important. so i try to learn in collage (its hard but its a must).

first step when you want to learn english is.

You want it.

image by Johan Bos

this is the first step its called niat in Bahasa. niat is statement that you will or you want to do some thing “i will learn english” say that to yourself and include god in that. it will give you strong will to do it. its apply in any thing you do in live.

Watch japanese serial with english subtitle.

image by kirrahoffmann

this will force you to learn it, the language is japanese but subtitle is english, mean while you speak Bahasa. when i was in college i watch one piece a lot with english subtitle. never use Bahasa subtitle. and that was 500 episodes of that.

pause and play when watch a movie

When watching a movie on netflix or iflix don’t use the subtitle just pause and play to understand the story. it will force you to know what the actors say. even me until know sometimes still pause a movie and rewind so i could understand what the actors say, to learn english.

read many english article

When i was in college i still hated english and thats hold me to learn more about my degree. I studied computer science and i hate english so bad, while all tutorials and programming book written in english. one day i sat with my friends and say to one of them “koe kok pinter banget koding sih” (why you so good in programing) i still remember that my friend told me “if you want to be expert in programming learn english first”, that statement hits me. and from that time i start to suffering reading programming language tutorials in english, yes i learn to knowledge in one book. english and the programming language.

thats is hope you enjoy it. i feel wrong about this article because i want to share trick to learn english but i write it in english. wkwk so who would read it, but whatever.

if you see bad grammar in this story please tell me. it will helps me as a learner. thanks.

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