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High expectation and too much choices will make us less happy

The title is little bit too heavy i cant imagine writing topic like this but i like this kind of topic, about how we see life.

Dream and Happy

People used to say that we should dream big, or we must have a dream, yes of course we should have purpose but let’s be real. Dream should be reachable and not too far away. Set a milestone and try to reach that within our life’s. the more important thing is not the dream. its the purpose of life. and usually people want to be happy. but don’t know why?

Happy is a hard word. some people said happy is created, some people say happy is effect of what we did and some people said its a myth.

for me happy is just feeling, why? because thats how the worlds works. happy is a feeling that you get when you happy. sometimes we could make our self happy but sometimes you must struggle to see the world and doing gratitude over and over until we find happy. but thats the hard part when comes to the happy part. Gratitude for what we have is the key.

Too Much Choices

Why too much choices actually make us less happy. this blog post is inspired my feeling when i feeling so hard to be happy when choosing one from too much choices, there is always regret and feeling my choosing is not the best one. And this feeling supported by this book The Paradox Of Choices by Barry Schwartz . this book is actually write for business perspective. But from his argument it could apply in our lives.

If you have chance to choose in too much choices in your live make it simple, reduce the choice and always grateful for what you choose. there is always be bad and good in choices so don’t worry, at least there is must be something to learn from the bad choices.

High expectation

There is again from Barry Schwartz talks in TED Talks. He said that

The secret to happiness is low expectations.

this does not mean you should set so low expectation

so its clear that have high expectation and fail will be hard to find the good part in it even there is so many we could learn from experience there is human nature we will regret and feel sad when our expectation does not meet. so be true with our self.

if you try to set a dream and afraid that you will expect too much. thats why setting purpose is more reasonable to set in our lives.


Want to be happy set a purpose on your lives
instead of dream and expect to have millions make it

i want to help people more around me

thats why you need more and more wealthy too do that so you will work hard but your expectation is too help so whatever you have just help and don’t forget to be grateful for what you have

Thank You

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